Patio & Porches

Style and Beauty. Function and Protection. Whether you need shade from the sun, protection for your vehicle or a place to relax, Mico Construction offers a complete line of maintenance-free Patio & Porches that will take care of all your outdoor needs.


Transform an ordinary patio into an inviting, shaded retreat. Mico Construction Patio Covers come in a variety of sizes and styles, and are custom designed to compliment the look and feel of your home. No matter what you desire for your patio, Mico Construction can make it happen. All Mico Porches are fabricated to your specifications and flawlessly fitted to your home.
A nice living space such as this kind of porch will help you to enjoy simple thing in life. You can sit back to have a coffee and enjoy a nice porch. Similar to having a deck,  traditional porches and patios really raise up the quality of your home. It definitely can keep away all the extreme weather, making us feeling safe.

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Solid Patio Cover

A solid Patio Cover from Mico Construction provides solid shade, defending you and your home from the summer sun’s harmful rays and relentless heat – and shielding valuables from harsh weather throughout the year. A solid patio cover will provide shade and relaxation for years to come.

Our huge selection of lattice and solid patio covers will provide you the best and cheapest patio design available. These particular patio covers are very special that they look look similar to wood but have much more endurance. We always try to use thepatio-porches best available materials. Our goal is to make it avoids wood termites and insects. We guarantee that it these patio covers do not easily burn and tt does not need to be under maintenance unless it is too old. Mico construction have created so many different styles of solid and lattice patio covers to fit your finance and desire. We will try our best to customize your needs with an an affordable cost and a patio that you are looking for.

Lattice Porches

New Lattice Porches from Mico Construction allow you to choose the amount of sun or shade on your patio! These types of porches offer an open, airy feel with filtered sunlight. Choose from 40% – 60% or more shade with the timeless appeal to match any outdoor getaway.

Allow us to bring the shade to your home and start using our patio tomorrow!

Enjoy the Great Outdoors – Rain or Shine!

The patio and porch photos on this page are all real from our construction projects. We hope you will find them useful and don’t hesitate to give us a call for more informations on construction for home patios and porches.