Garages & Carports

Who likes scraping ice off the windshield in the mornings? A new garage will be something that you will benefit from every winter morning and every summer afternoon.

Garage is not just a spot to park your car, it is a very important of the house that needs to be considered. Mico construction can make you a proper garage that has large interior and a lowest cost that is possible. We will design you a garage that can be meaningful than just using for your car. Our company has more than 30 years in building garages for all clients over the Fresno county and near by cities. There are many important aspects in designing a nice garage and requirements that a modern garage should possess. Mico construction can certainly deliver an excellence job and provide you a best garage with a very competitive price.


What kind of Garage do you want, we have plans.

You have come to the right place, we have a plans for you garage. Mico construction will have designs for you that suits your pocket. We build all type of garage, for apartments, sheds and barns. Our garage plans have been carefully conducted by experienced designers. We can build the garage in any sizes and styles base on your specification.

Garage Apartments Plans

Everyone own a house, usually wish to add an extra room or garage. We have garage apartments plans that can suit your needs. The solution might be less complicated than expected. Our Garage apartment plans will accommodate more space for your house and without doing much modification to your original home. Depend your needs, we can build garage from just one vehicle stall or more. We guarantee that your garage is not just for parking cars but can be used for many other purposes such as making it into a room if permitted or an additional privacy space when needed. These type of garage usually referred to as Carriage Houses. It contains a finished living quarters and typically the garages are reside under the living quarters that are positioned directly above the garage. This kind of garage apartments get quite popular than ever because it can have many purposes. Our garage designs plans will provide you the most space for your garage and living spaces.

Our construction services include Metal carports, Wood carports, Carport garage, Garage Addition, Garage Shed, Detached Garage, Garage Conversion


You probably don’t need a garage, but you sure do want one. Especially a slick new garage that will not only store your garagevehicles but organize your tools and toys and stuff. We understand, we build garages for people all over the Central Valley! Mico Construction can definitely provide you a best Garages design or Carports designs.

If you’re like most new home owners, you already have a garage but it could use a little work. It might be a simple shelving project or a complete addition of another car or apartment above. No matter what ideas you have, we can help make those ideas a reality.


It’s a simple luxury but a carport can really save you and your vehicle from¬†unnecessary trouble. A car that sits out in the elements is much more likely to ruin the paint and rust. This is the long term reality but in the short term, your car is cold on winter mornings and blazing hot in the summer. Just a bit of protection can go a long way.

Enjoy the Great Outdoors – Rain or Shine!

The images on this page are all real from our construction projects. We hope you will find them useful and don’t hesitate to give us a call for more informations on construction for garages and carports.