Solarium & Sunrooms

Beautiful and Practical. Airy and Bright. A Mico Solarium brings in the light and relaxation of the outdoors, while keeping out the extremes of the weather. Mico built Sunrooms are sure to bring the family together and a fresh light to your home.
Nothing adds lasting beauty, livability and value to your home like a custom Sunroom from Mico Construction. It’s a transformation of light and luxury that enhances the quality of your entire home and the quality of life. Whether you’re remodeling an existing space or adding a new one, a Mico Sunroom can be the highlght of your home.solarium-2
Our customers love the versatility that comes with a Solarium. Wheather it is Dad’s office today, a playroom for the kids, or a studio for Mom tomorrow, the beauty of Mico Sunrooms is the best way to enjoy all the seasons. When you add a Solarium from Mico Construction to your home, not only do you add an expanded living area, you also bring the natural beauty of the outdoors inside.
Do you have a patio on your home that you would like to be able to use year round? Mico Construction can help. By enclosing your patio with insulated walls, you control the elements. Make your patio that place to retreat from the stress of life – year round.

Sun room or Solarium

A sun-room is a structure that attaches onto a home. Sun-room allows you to view the surrounding scenery while being protected from from the extreme weather. The sun-room structure could be referred to as a patio enclosure, solarium or patio room. Really the two terms, sun rooms and solarium can be used interchangeably to describe an addition of a Solarium & Sunroomsglassed room to your home that provides you a relaxing environment and space.


Imagine you are surrounded by the breathtaking views of the sky from inside of your home in a patio enclosures solarium. Mico construction can build glass-enclosed room that would make your home looking beautiful. Once you have decided to build a solarium, we will help you to investigate what kind of material is suited for your desired solarium. Besides, we also have solarium designs that will bring your home to an elegant look. As we know, wood, aluminum and vinyl are the three most popular building materials for making a solarium. Aluminum are the least popular one because of its heating conducting. Woods are the most expensive material to build a solarium but it looks best out of the there. Vinyl is the most popular one because of its low and easy in maintenance. It also has a very high endurance and best for doing framing, especially in building a solarium. Once you start thinking about it, give us a call and we will help you to choose the best solarium design for your home.
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Enjoy the Great Outdoors – Rain or Shine!

The Solarium & Sunroom images on this page are all real from our construction projects. We hope you will find them useful and don’t hesitate to give us a call for more informations on construction for home sunrooms and solariums.