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    February 6, 2015 - Siding Designs

    The Impact of Siding on your home

    The first thing that people notice when looking at your home is the siding which usually covers your home for the most part. Siding is very important to a home, so good siding design is necessary to bring your home to its best look. We have many siding design ideas that can aid you in choosing the best siding that would fit the style of your home. Mico can add siding to your home using our latest siding designs that will still keep the integrity of your home. We have many different sizes of siding and a list of materials that you can choose to give you home a fresh up look and raising its values.siding design ideas
    In general, replacing your home’s siding is not easy as building a kitchen or remodeling a room because budget plays a very important factor. The type of fastener used in designing siding is very important factors along with the materials used. The most necessary component in siding design are nails, and it is best to use Corrosion-resistant nails or something similar to stainless nail such as aluminum. Because these nails can withstand an extreme condition. There are just so many siding style and design ideas to be considered.

    4 most popular choices and ideas of siding designs.

    Wood Shingles Siding
    Siding design idea that will provide your home with the look similar to a cabin. Materials that are used for installation are wood and nails. This type of siding idea can insulates home home pretty good. The only bad things about this design idea is that it needs to be taking care of once a while and it could be a mess due to the cost of maintaining it.
    Vinyl Siding
    This siding design idea is the most popular in the four and it is varied in so many different colors. This type of siding is very durable and well insulated. The siding is made out of hard plastic so we don’t have to worry about it being scratched. Vinyl can be mass-produced easily therefore it is affordable. If you have a limited budget, then this is the best siding choice you can choose.siding design ideas

    siding design idea

    Stucco Siding
    Siding design idea that has the best performance out of the four. Stucco is a thick siding and it has a terrific insulator for both cold and heat. But the installation process involves more works and could lead up to a mess. This kind of material can be easily damaged.
    Metal Siding
    Best siding style in all four because its material can perform best in the cold weather. It also can be bent or dent more easily than the other four siding types. This siding is much more expensive than the other three because there is a limit supply on these kind of materials. There is no maintenance and it is a best insulator of all siding types.

    siding design ideas
    Contact us for a free consultant, we will have a list of siding design ideas for you to choose and along with the minimal costs that you will not find anywhere else.

    Siding choice for old house

    There are plenty of choices to choose the best siding style and idea for an old house. Vinyl siding is probably the best choice to go with an old house since it is affordable. if your siding is getting old and needs repairing then Vinyl is not a good option instead aluminum or wood style can be used.