• Siding Materials For Your Home Extension

    February 12, 2015 - Uncategorized

    Siding your home is to make it looks better, it is similar to having nice dresses. There are quite a few choices in constructing siding to your home. The only thing is that once you made your siding, it is difficult to change it in term of materials. You need to make sure how you wanted to looks especially its color. It is not a good idea to repaint your siding.wood siding material

    Brick Siding Material

    Most people would tell you that the best siding material is the brick because we all know it is tough to break. But there is more to it than just the toughness and durability. There are other issues that you need to take into account when deciding your siding material, such as regions you reside in, styles of your house and most importantly how much do you want to spend because brick has the highest cost in installing.

    Vinyl Siding Material

    Vinyl material for sidingThis type of siding material looks very beautiful. Vinyl is one of the most durable material and it doesn’t need any painting and still looks good. It can fight the insect really well. We don’t own these type of materials but we can always contract it out and build it for you. One of the top brand that we would recommend to to you when constructing your siding is the Cellwood Vinyl siding. Vinyl material is easy to install and maintenance free. It is for sure that Vinyl material don’t cost a lot to install and it has a very diverse range in decorating.

    Fiber Cement Siding Material

    Fiber cement material for sidingFiber Cement Siding is as good as the brick siding, they both are almost equally in durability. The Fiber Cement has a very high resistance to cracking, insect and rotting. You can check it out more online but we do recommend the James Hardie siding material which is a very popular brand that has been made to withstand extreme climate.

    Wood Siding Material

    wood material for sidingAs we wood is a type of material that is very flexible in term of cutting and creating shape. It is easy work with compare to the Vinyl and Fiber Cement. When building your siding we would recommend the wood siding because it is simple to trim and cut. When using wood for your siding material, it is very easy to decorate. It can take the paint really well. There are many different type of woods through out different regions but Wood siding is often used with Pine and Cedar. Wood siding costs more than the other two and requires you to take a good care of it