• Solarium Design Ideas

    February 12, 2015 - Uncategorized

    Solarium always has been a spot in your home that has mainly used to harness natural light into a particular area of your home. There are many ideas in designing solariums and having them build onto your house. The following ideas and designs will help you to be familiar in building a solarium.

    Location to build your solariumssolarium design idea

    As a beginner, deciding where to build the solarium is quite a decision. There are a few considerations that are needed to consider for your solarium locations.

    Build the solarium at the most access point of your home

    The best spot to add a solarium is where there are most open spaces and lights coming in, such as living room and dining room.Choosing a good direction and a proper view to place your solarium
    If you are a type of nature person then you need to take into account the landscaped and garden areas that you can build your solarium in a way that they all can be associated with each other. In that sense, you should orient your solarium to have a good view of the surrounding.

    Face your solarium to the Southern directionsolarium design idea

    It is seemed that the idea of solarium is usually for the hot summer but now a day we purposely build it for the year round of all seasons. You should create your solarium big enough so that you can set up your chairs, table and you can enjoy the all year round seasons. The reason for facing your solarium to the south so that you will fully expose to the sunlight in the cold season.

    Choosing the proper materials for your solarium

    Beside selecting the locations, another important key in the solarium buiding is choosing the best materials for the solarium. There are three popular type of materials in building solarium. They are wood, vinyl and aluminum. One of the design idea is to use aluminum but this is not a very popular material to use because it can conduct heat really well. Another type of material is the Vinyl which is quite popular in building solarium because of its durability, low maintenance and best material to do framing, plus it is very energy efficient. The last idea in solarium design is using wood because it gives the best looks so it costs more than the aluminum and vinyl type.

    More solarium design ideassolarium design idea

    The interesting about solarium is that it bring you a warm and comfort sense of being in the indoors while giving you a look of the nature, such as your landscapes. Overall, Solarium is a really good idea to have comparing in adding a room or some kind of extension to your home.

    General purposes for building solariums

    Entertainment room
    Music and Gaming
    Work office
    Coffee place
    Dining room
    Indoor garden rooms

    You can use your newly solarium for almost anything, plus having a solarium builds onto your house will increase your house’s values. Mico Construction have over 30 years in constructing solariums. We can bring to you many solarium design ideas and help you to choose the best design that will fit your home style and budget. We also have crafted solarium that are very flexible and durable. For more information, please contact our office for a free consultation so you know where your options are.